The A-Z of Junior Golf, written by Dean Davis, provides a fresh and exciting approach to golf, that children of all ages along with their parents can learn and enjoy:

With the use of six exciting characters, the A-Z of Junior Golf allows children to understand rules and golfing etiquette as well as general golfing terminology.

“My daughter Megan just won’t put your book down. What a great way to get kids into golf” Mr Sean Fergusson, FORE Business

“What a fantastic book, my daughter loved it and it was a great way to help them improve their golf knowledge”

“My children loved the characters in the book. My son is constantly talking about Tommy Topper! A great way for kids to learn in a fun and enjoyable way”

“My Son keeps the book in his golf bag and keeps reading it all the time. What a fantastic book”

The A-Z of Junior Golf costs just £6.00 + P&P. You can purchase your copy now via the following link.